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Resources for Contestants Seeking Sponsors

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If you are still seeking sponsors to help cover your sponsor fee, we have some tools to assist you! Let your friends, family and local businesses know that you have been named a State Finalist by sending them an email, letter and/or web page link so they can learn more about our program and support you as a sponsor:

1. We have created a web page, with a link that your family, friends, local businesses, etc. can use to make sponsor payments. It includes terrific information so your potential sponsors can learn about NAM. Feel free to share it through an email or on your social media platforms:


2. Or, you are welcome to print this ldocument and mail it to potential sponsors.

3. Or, there is an email included below that you can copy and paste to email to potential sponsors.


The best place to begin is where your family does business. Great examples are hair and nail salons, dry cleaners, insurance companies, banks, dress shops, dance studios, car washes, doctors, dentists, local stores and businesses, etc.


Chatting with potential sponsors is great practice for your interview. If a sponsor asks you questions about the pageant, refer to the NAM Magazine for information and even more helpful sponsor ideas. Sponsors receive recognition in the beautiful state yearbook that is given to the State Finalist families on pageant weekend, and any contributions made towards your sponsor fee from a business are tax deductible for them as an advertising expense!


Sponsor receipts available here.


Sponsor video available here


You can either raise your sponsor fee from family, friends and local businesses or fundraisers, or you can pay it yourself, whichever works best for you and your family. Remember that the total sponsor fee is $650 and any additional contributions exceeding $650 can go towards any costs that are pageant related.


Below, you will find an email that you can copy and paste to send to potential sponsors!
From National American Miss:



It is our pleasure to introduce you to an outstanding young lady: (insert your name). She has been selected as a State Finalist for the National American Miss pageant system!

At National American Miss, the country’s largest youth pageant system awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and scholarships each year, our goal is to equip young ladies with the valuable communication, interviewing and community involvement skills that will assist them throughout both their professional and personal lives. This is our 21st year and we invite you to learn more about the National American Miss program at our official website:


(Insert your name) was selected for our program because of her accomplishments, goals, and determination to pursue her dreams. National American Miss encourages her to volunteer her time through various organizations and community projects and we are proud of her willingness to be a part of our program that is all about growing confidence and serving others. Our participants dedicate countless hours to serving their communities and we are inspired by the impact these young ladies make in the lives of others.


Each young lady raises her sponsor fee in order to participate in the program. Her sponsors will be listed in the official pageant yearbook that all contestants and their families receive. For businesses, the sponsor payment is a tax-deductible advertising expense.


To support her dreams by making a sponsor payment, please CLICK HERE.
We thank you in advance for your contribution in her future. Your support demonstrates your confidence in (your name) and truly makes a difference – so thank you!

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