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Pageant Weekend Paperwork

  • Each state finalist will turn in her paperwork on pageant weekend. These forms must be completed prior to and brought with you, ready to submit, to pageant check-In (i.e. your resume, emcee card, etc.). 

  • Do not mail any of these forms to your state pageant headquarters, you will bring them all with you to turn in at pageant check-in. We will not have printers at check-in. Please have all of your forms printed and ready to hand in at pageant check-in.

  • This paperwork will be the information that the emcees will read about you while you are on stage for the various overall and optional contests. There are also forms for Community Service, Art Contest, Academic Achievement, etc.


  • You only have to fill out the paperwork you need.

    • Only Resume, Community Service, and Emcee Card are required from everyone for the overall pageant.

    • Additionally, you will need to fill out and print the corresponding form(s) for any optional contests you are participating in.

  • These forms can be printed on plain white paper.

  • Does not need to be printed in color, but is helpful.

  • All forms are Adobe PDF editable forms, so you can fill out the forms directly on your computer upon opening them. Once they are complete, you can print from home, school, work, a library or a friend/family members house.


  • Click on your age division below to access forms. Age division is determined by your age as of January 1 of this year. 

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