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State Queen Documents & Info


CONGRATULATIONS on your new title with National American Miss! You're about to experience the BEST year of your life! Let's get started. 

Three Important First Steps


1. Read this information and the information in your royalty packet that you received after crowning.


2. Join the Microsoft Teams App

Check your email  (you should receive an invitation to join from Microsoft/The Pageant Powerhouse within about a week of winning your title). Follow the prompts to get set up with the official communication hub for all of the Pageant Powerhouse Royalty. Teams is the way to communicate throughout the year with your sister queens, state director, & royalty coordinator. If you have difficulty logging in and/or accessing Teams, please send an email to  The sign up process consists of:
1 - accepting the invitation 
2 - going to mobile device
3 - typing in the same email as the invitation
4 - receiving the one time code and entering it

3. Participate in your onboarding Zoom meeting

Each queen & at least one parent (if you are under the age of 18), is required to take part in the Royalty Onboard Meeting via Zoom for their state. This will be hosted by your Royalty Coordinator Hannah Parsons. Please add this to your calendar now & on the date/time of your state's zoom meeting, please click below to join. This Zoom meeting is very important and will help you make the most of your year! The time listed is EASTERN - so if you live in the Central time zone, you will need to plan accordingly

Royalty Onboard Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 6th at 7:00 pm eastern


Your State Social Media Coordinator is Kenydee Otto and she will assist you if you have any issues/questions regarding your official queen's Instagram account. 

Please DO:

  • update your name in the bio

  • manage your child's instagram, if she is under the age of 13

  • monitor your child's instagram if she is ages 14-17

  • post NAM and age-appropriate content

Please DO NOT:

  • modify any contact info in the security area

  • update your password from what you were provided with by NAM

  • modify your birthday (this one is the most important one) If you update your birthday to be under the age of 13, Instagram will immediately delete your account!

  • delete any photos or post from the queen before you (this is to act as a running digital legacy of tour State Queens)


Here is a link to your PRIZES!

And a link to your PERKS!

Your Crown & Banner

Helpful info regarding your Crown & Banner



Press Release

Contact your local media and let them know the good news. Be sure to attach both the Letter of Introduction & Official Press Release when contacting them.



Are you Crown Ready?

Here are tools to help you best represent your title and make the most of your year! National American Miss wants YOU to use this year as an opportunity for YOURSELF! We want you to focus on causes, issues, and set personal goals that will impact YOUR future. While we do not coordinate appearances for you, we do provide you with our Royalty Appearance List, which is an ongoing catalog of appearances (contact info, etc) that the Royalty before you has made to use as a great launching point. But, here are some action steps to make the most of your year:

  • notify the media (using the press release above)

  • get in touch with your local chamber of commerce and convention and visitors bureau to let them know who you are and ask about future events you can get involved with around your community.

  • contact the local event organizers of county  & state fairs, parades, and themed days of your town.

  • google and search out Junior League's, Assistance Leagues, Women's Organizations and inquire about volunteer work.

  • get in contact with the companies and organizations that YOU want to make an impact with: ask about both internship and volunteer opportunities. Do you have an action plan or specific platform for a cause - reach out via social media and through company communications to ask who to speak with to share your ideas.


  • As a State Queen, per your Agreement - you are REQUIRED to attend the National Pageant. As a NAM State Queen the$950 sponsor fee is covered as part of your prize as winning!

  • Any Premium Optional Contests that you won at the State Pageant will be FREE for you at Nationals. 

  • On the website, pay close attention to all deadlines (ordering opening number dress, entering optionals, etc.)

  • Book your Travel Arrangements NOW. 

National Pageant Website

Excused Absence Letter

For the next couple of months, you will be focused on preparing for the exciting National pageant! The National office is your #1 resource for any questions about Nationals. Please be sure to reach out to them for answers to any specific questions you have about Nationals because we want to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

National Office Contact Info:

Talk: (832) 810-6930

Text: (832) 652-6484

In 2024, you have lots more to look forward to and we will be communicating with you then about Open Calls, Pageant Preps, and more! 

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