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You have been selected as a State Finalist for National American Miss! Your exciting state pageant is Labor Day Weekend at the beautiful Marriott Downtown Indianapolis*.

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Share the great news with your family, friends

and local community!


They will be excited to hear that you are a State Finalist! You can even download, print, and send this press release to your local newspaper! The winner of the state pageant will be awarded the crown, banner, roses and the opportunity to represent her state all year - including at the incredible National Pageant in Orlando, Florida!


Mark your calendar for your state pageant!


We have six age divisions and the division you are in is determined by the age you are as of January 1 of this year. Find your age division below so you will know the dates your events will be held:







Begin preparing for your pageant. 


To help you get started, we provide (1) a helpful website:, (2) a digital guidebook that details all about pageant weekend and the competitions, and (3) a series of training videos! Click this link for information: Pageant Prep.




Submit at least half of your sponsor fee. 


There is a fee for participating in the pageant - it is called a sponsor fee and it is $550. This helps the pageant pay for prizes and for the professional lighting, sound, staging, staff, and all the elements that go into hosting a full-scale, high-quality production. Some state finalists and their families pay the sponsor fee themselves and others seek sponsorships from local businesses and organizations. Your sponsor fee can be paid by several different people or businesses. It does not have to all be paid by just one sponsor. Sponsor fee payments are submitted online at where you or your sponsors click on "MAKE A PAYMENT".


If you choose to seek sponsors, there is information in the NAM Guidebook about sponsorships, and we have additional tools available to help you:


Once at least $275 of your sponsor fee is received, your account will be marked ACTIVE and you will begin receiving regular postcards from our office and email updates. You will also receive the link to your Pageant Prep training videos! So we encourage you to work on getting at least half of your sponsor fee in as soon as possible so you can begin preparing. Please keep in mind that at least $275 is due within 30 days of the date you were accepted in order to secure your spot in the state pageant.

Congratulations - you are on your way! Your National American Miss journey provides incredible opportunities for you no matter what your goals are. If you want to become a scientist, author, model, entrepreneur, lawyer, educator, policymaker, actor, researcher, influencer - whatever your dream may be - NAM can hep you build the confidence to make that dream a reality!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

*And if you'd like to check out our beautiful host hotel and the discounted rates just for NAM for pageant weekend - click here

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