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The National American Miss screening panel has completed their review of your pageant application and you have been selected as a State Finalist! Because your application stood out to the screening panel, you now have the prestigious opportunity to participate in the most exciting and exclusive pageant in the world. 

  • The official State Guidebook is your starting point for all the info about the exciting pageant.

  • Click these links for Sponsor TipsSponsor Ideas and the Sponsor Letter to help you raise your sponsor fee.

  • The Sponsor Brochure is great to send to potential sponsors to inform them about NAM. You can download it & include it in an email, copy & paste the link and put in a text message, or print it off and take it directly to them!

  • If a sponsor requests a receipt, print off the Sponsor Receipts to provide them with one.

  • The Press Release is a fun way to alert your local news that YOU have been selected as a State Finalist. Print the form, fill it out, and send it to your local newspaper.

Each State Finalist has a $650 sponsor fee - which is the entry fee that can be paid by you, or by your family, friends or local businesses. If you would like to submit your sponsor fee payment please click here. You also hve he option of paying half of your sponsor fee now, and the other half must be paid before pageant weekend. You can also send this link to potential sponsors. 

What about sponsors?

  • Anyone can be a sponsor - you can sponsor yourself - or family, friends and local businesses can be your sponsors.

  • Sponsor payments are tax-deductible for businesses as an advertising expense because your sponsors will be listed in our program book. 

  • If you pay your own sponsor fee yourself now, you can always continue to seek sponsors and they can provide those payments to you to reimburse you or you can use those sponsor payments for other expenses (optional contest entry fees, tickets to the final show, etc.)  Or your sponsors can reimburse you for travel and wardrobe expenses that you pay yourself. 

  • Sponsors can use a credit card to submit sponsor payments (see link below) or they can give you a check made payable to NAM which you will mail to the pageant office (be sure to put your name in the memo line of the check).   


Link to send to your potential sponsors:

Congratulations again and please email us if you have any questions at  

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